Monday, August 28, 2006

Rufus gets an office mate

Rufus and I recently were joined in our office at Amazon Web Services by Matt and his boy, Julius the Springer Spaniel.

Julius is a bit older and a bit smaller than Rufus, and the two of them tend to go at it non-stop. They seem able to spend hours at a time mouth jousting and paying "steal my toy".

Today, the four of us went down to the grassy doggy play area below The Fortress of Solitude for some fun time on this, one of the last summer days.

We were soon joined by Baron, the Belgian Shephard...

and by Rufus's old buddy, Homer

Homer quickly initiated a game of "chase me, catch me"...

Homer also took the opportunity to pick on the big dogs...

It's a bit awe inspiring to see how much Rufus and grown relative to Homer in only six months...

Rufus today...

Rufus six months ago...
Rufus's Weekend

Rufus had a busy weekend (most of which I neglected to take pictures of). I did manage to capture a few images of Rufus once he slowed down a bit...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Rufus's Weekend

Rufus and I had a pretty busy time over the past two days. We've been taking care of Dolce

Dolce belongs to one of my co-workers, and Rufus will be staying with them next week while I'm away at an adventure race in Canada.

They have been having a great time at Dolce's house, which is equiped with a doggy door. They have been sharing toys and going for car rides.

Today, we visited Magnuson Park, which has a fantastic off leash area. There, Dolce played in the water.

Rufus found another Ridgeback to wrestle with on shore, and then ventured down to cool off in the lake.
Later in the evening, Rufus and Dolce partnered in an attempt to disassemble all of Rufus's toys

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rufus training for his show career

Rufus will take a whack at a career as a show dog this fall, and has been training for the show ring. He and I have been working on "stacking" in which he stands and lets me rearrange the position of his feet into the correct show stance.

Rufus the Adventure Racing Dog

Rufus has been nagging me to update his blog so that "his public" will be able to keep current. I've been in the midst of the peak of adventure racing season, and Rufus is looking forward to participating in next year's racing season (he will hit 18 months next May, after which he will be able to go running and mountain biking with me). He recently came with me to the Six Degrees of Navigation race, and cheered my team on to a first place overall finish.

Although he was not able to participate in the race with us, he was there in spirit and stepped in as the team mascot to be in our team photo at the finish.