Thursday, November 30, 2006

Puppy Love

Rufus has a crush on my girlfriend Kelly that is (almost) as strong as the one I have on her... These pictures are a measure of how much he trusts her. He would not let *me* hold him like this (or at least not without a lot of struggling and grumbling).

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Amazing Skidboot

This is just one example of how dogs can be such an positive force in your life... For more information, check out

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Continued Adventures of Lucky and Rufus

A couple of evenings ago, Lucky and Rufus snuck onto the couch (where they know they are not allowed), and Rufus kept watch while Lucky caught a few zzzz's.

Rufus Meets Thruga

On a recent jaunt down our hallway at work, Rufus bumped into Thruga, a beautiful brindle American Pitbull puppy. She and Rufus hit it off immediately. Rufus was more interested in chewing on Thruga's toys than in playing with Thruga, but relented after it became clear that Thruga was more interested in chewing on Rufus...

Kelly and I Give Our Dogs a Little Lovin'

In a fit of affection for Lucky, Kelly pulled him onto the couch for a cuddle. I thought this a great idea and did the same with Rufus. Neither dog found this activity as fun as we did...

Why Having Your Dog At Work Rocks, Reason #258

Looking up from clearing your inbox and seeing this...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rufus's New Best Friend

I 've been seeing a lot of Kelly of late, and this means that Rufus has been seeing a lot of Kelly's dog, Lucky (we think Lucky is an English Pointer mix). They hit it off immediately, and have gotten along famously ever since, to the point that they regularly share the sleeping matt at which ever house we are at.

My house

Kelly's House

Rufus Makes His Dog Show Debut

Rufus competed for the first time at the Whidbey Island Kennel Club dog show this weekend in Monroe, WA. He did a great job of standing still when he was supposed to stand still (for the most part, although he REALLY wanted to play with the six month old puppy in line behind us on the first day).

Below are two videos Kelly took of us at the show. The first shows me stacking him for the judge in our first class (in which we were the sole contestant). The second shows him in a line of dogs after we came back in the ring for our second appearance (Rufus and I are second from the right).

I was so happy with how well he behaved that I pulled him into my lap for a big hug as soon as we got home.

Being a teenager, this thrilled him...
Rufus Plays with Kelly

Kelly stopped by the other day, and Rufus invited her to a game of tag. They both enjoyed themselves,

although Rufus was sad when she had to go...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Rufus in the Rain

Rufus took the arrival Autumn (i.e. the rainy season) in Seattle as an opportunty to try out his new rain gear.

After some initial trepidation, he really dug it and thoroughly enjoyed being able to go for a walk while staying snug and dry.

However, this did not compensate for me parking him outside Starbucks, something he seldom enjoys...