Monday, October 20, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

We had some spectacular weather recently.

2008-10-18 Autumn Dog Walk 036

The boys convinced me to take them on a nice long trail run in the forest behind our house.  Kelly agreed to come along and take pictures.

First, we had to everyone leashed up using their Gentle Leaders.

2008-10-18 Autumn Dog Walk 001 2008-10-18 Autumn Dog Walk 002

2008-10-18 Autumn Dog Walk 003 2008-10-18 Autumn Dog Walk 011

When we got up to our usual place in the woods, I let them both off leash, and they went tearing down the trail toward Kelly.

They boys, as always, had a great time chasing each other through the woods, enjoying the crisp Autumn air.

2008-10-18 Autumn Dog Walk 025

 2008-10-18 Autumn Dog Walk 027 2008-10-18 Autumn Dog Walk 031

After we got back, Kelly and I gave the boys a bath (for which they were long overdue).  Cooper, in particular, finds the process of getting a bath not at all enjoyable.  However, it always leaves him feeling giddy.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Rufus and Cooper's parents get married!

After much planning and preparations (with a move from Seattle to Luxembourg between the proposal and the actual event), Cooper and Rufus's parent finally got married.  The boys were sad they could not be there.  However, they do not have found memories of the last time they had to take an airplane trip across the Atlantic, so the decided to settle for pictures.

Rufus's dad was kind enough to put together a video montage of pictures from the wedding

The wedding

The reception

Finally, all the pictures from all the guests are in an online gallery here: