Monday, April 23, 2007

Rufus makes a friend

Kelly is starting to think about her next canine companion, and has her heart set on a Great Dane. It was therefore an interesting coincidence that Rufus and I met a lovily young lady named Bella on a recent outing to the park.

From Rufus Meets B...

After getting acquainted, Rufus and Bella checked out the over pooches at the park

From Rufus Meets B...

They then got down to some serious, physical paytime.
From Rufus Meets B...

Rufus made one or two attempts to "put a leg over", but Bella quickly shut down this cheeky behavior.

From Rufus Meets B...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rufus gets a baby sister

Kelly and I somewhat impulsively decided to make a new addition to our family, a Savannah cat named Nikita. The rational behind choosing this particular flavor of kitty was that she will likely to grow up to be larger than your average domestic feline, and should be able to hold her own against the dogs in our household (we got her just before Lucky's death). After some initial attempts to treat her like a furry chew toy, the boys started acting like she was a (probationary) member of the family.

Since Lucky's passing, Rufus and Nikita have gotten more and more at ease with each other (it helps that Nikky grew up around a Boxer with whom she was best friends). Rufus has shown a great deal of curiousty about her (once he figured out that she was not a ferocious creature out to eat us in our sleep).

He followed her here...
From Rufus and Nikita

He followed her there (where she took a swipe at him through the door jam)...

From Rufus and Nikita

He followed her everywhere until she finally consented to be friends with the big red goof...

From Rufus and Nikita
From Rufus and Nikita

He even offered his back as a big (somewhat boney) red pillow

From Rufus and Nikita

While Nikita is still now sure how to react when Rufus comes bounding towards her or drops a play bow in an invitation to romp, we are optimistic about their relationship...
Where are the other Ridgebacks?

Friday, April 20, 2007

RIP Lucky

Lucky, Rufus's companion and best friend, was struck by a car near Genessee Park in Seattle on April 18. My girlfriend, Lucky's owner, rushed him to a local vet, but his injuries were too severe and she was forced to put him down. We all miss him...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rufus Gets Unspun

Amazon, my employer, has a cool new site called Unspun which allows you to view and vote on lists and rankings. Rufus thought this was incredibly cool, and demanded I add this to his blog: