Monday, February 19, 2007

The Boys on the Beach

Last weekend, Kelly, Lucky, Rufus and I headed down to the Oregon coast near Manzanita, Oregon. We left on Friday, and spent a good part of the day driving. The boys were quite patient, and spent the time napping and looking out the window, thinking doggy thoughts.

We arrived that evening just at sunset. Although it was cold and rainy, we none the less piled out of the car and headed down to the beach. The boys immediately took to tearing around and generally enjoying the open space and the roar of the surf.

Rufus in particular seemed to find the chill damp air particularly invigorating.

All this romping and and running about left everyone pretty pooped...

After a good night's sleep, the boys were once again ready and rearing to go. We headed down, and the weather, usually so grim on the Oregon coast this time of the year, obliged by turning crisp and clear.

One of the great things about the coast is that it is rife with pieces of driftwood perfect for throwing. They boys soon discovered this, and I found myself tossing sticks for them again and again.