Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wufus in a Winter Wunderland

The weather around has been frightful, but Rufus finds playing with Lucky so delightful... So when we decided to load up and go, Rufus said "let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!"

Ok, all cheesiness aside, Kelly and I got snowshoes for ourselves, and outdoor gear for "the boys" and headed up into the mountains this past weekend. Both dogs LOVE the snow, and as soon as we put their jackets on them and let them off leash, they took to tearing around and generally having a bang up time.

Next, we each put booties on our respective dogs to prevent the ice and snow from shredding their pads. Rufus in particular was less than thrilled about putting on his....

He was still gung ho about the snow, but had to work on getting the whole "running with these weird things attached to my feet" thing down...

However, as soon as he had a chance to practice a bit, he and Lucky began tearing it up again...

We all set off tromping through the forest. The dogs started out romping off through the drifts.

Over time, they figured out that it was much less work to let me break trail for them.

As the afternoon wore on, the snow began to come down more and more heavily, and I think the boys started to run out of steam.

It was started to get dark, and we decided we had better head back. Before we returned to the car, Rufus and I stopped to play a little "Catch the Snowball"

Rufus had a fantastic time, and stopped to pose in his new duds before trotting off into the fading light.