Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kelly, Rufus, Cooper and I recently visited Norah Ormerod of Glenaholm Kennels to see her litter of 11 pups. FUN! Here is a short video made of the pictures from our visit (I used Animoto)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Long Lost Update

A lot has been happening at our house since my last post months and months ago. One of Rufus's fans finally chided me for not posting in a while, so I decided I'd better get back on it...

First of all, Cooper is growing at an astounding rate. Below is a picture of him at 9 weeks back in May

Here he is in June 24 (around six weeks later), and he is almost as big as Rufus!

We think that in a month or so (i.e. by the time he is six months old), he will be as tall as Rufus, and should weigh as much as Rufus by the time he is nine months old. Yikes!

Given the fact that he has been around Nikita ever since he came home, they have developed a pretty close relationship. Here, he and Niky spoon on the couch. Note those feet - that is NOT an optical illusion.

Bear in mind that he was not that much bigger than Nikita just a few weeks ago (scroll down for a picture of him, Rufus, and Nikita on the bed)...

We also added a new member to the household - Max the Savannah Cat. Unlike Niky (who is only 4% Serval), Max is 50% Serval, and his wild ancestry shows through in his coat and in some aspects of his personality.

We were initially concerned about how Nikita would react to this interloper into her domain, but she immediately took Max under her wing and began treating him like the little brother she'd been waiting for. Among other things, Max has become her favorite toy...

Like Cooper, Max is growing at a crazy rate. In a few short weeks, he has become almost as big as Nikita, who is six months older than him.