Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rufus Attends Ridgeback Fun Day

Rufus was recently invited to a "fun day" held by the Northwest Rhodesian Ridgeback Club. Rufus was quite curious to know what a fun day was (his life is pretty fun in general, he questioned whether any more fun would be prudent... such a practical pup). We loaded up a on a beautiful, warm spring day, and headed out to see what this was all about.

Turns out that "fun day" is code for RR owners to get together and blather on about their dogs (something of which I'm more guilty of than most) and for RR's to generally have a good time. Hence, "fun day"...

Rufus took the opporunity to get reacqainted with old friends. His brother Razi also attended, and Rufus and he had their customary wrestling session (Rufus is on the right, Razi on the left - a senior member of the RR clan looks on...).

Rufus also met a charming young lady named Jika and her owner Nora Ormerod of Glehaholm Rhodesian Ridgebacks. After they were introduced, they calmly posed for photos.

However, predictably things quickly turned to wrestling...

All this activity in the sun left Rufus ready for a bit of time in the shade.

The grass was so cool and pleasant that he crashed out and took the opportunity to chew on his leash...

A bit later, Rufus discovered the wading pool, which turned out to be both cooling and fun (he discovered the blowing bubbles through his nose was quite entertaining).

If you can't see the video, click here

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