Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cooper and Rufus visit Aunt Tammy and Uncle Mike

Cooper and Rufus recently went with us for a visit to my cousin Tammy and her husband Mike who live near us in Kindsbach, Germany.


Cooper took an immediate liking to Mike (who used to be owned by a Great Dane himself).

2008-10-26 Visiting Tammy and Mike 005

Rufus seemed a bit forlorn that Cooper was getting all the attention (again), so Kelly pulled him onto her lap for some lovin'.

2008-10-26 Visiting Tammy and Mike 002

This thrilled him...

When it came time to go, Cooper felt compelled to give Mike a big hug, and extracted a promise that Mike and Tammy would come and visit us in Luxembourg soon with their two children.

2008-10-26 Visiting Tammy and Mike 007   

All the excitement of the trip resulted in two VERY tired puppies.

2008-10-26 Visiting Tammy and Mike 009


Carl said...


Great pictures and video....We have a Rufus too, but he doesnt have a posh blog like this one :) We just have a load of pics on picasa that I really need to sort out..
Some Rufus Pictures

Amber said...


Looks like a fun visit! So, when are your pawrents gettin' married? Tell them congrats from my family! :)


nicole said...

Hello, we have a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Diezel.He was born on 24-02-2006 in Oosterbeek (Holland). I believe he is a brother of Rufus.
I want tot show you a picture. Wat is your e-mailadres?
Greetings Nicole

Anonymous said...

Great pics... We also have a light wheaten RR.. Does he shed a lot? Ours sheds a tremendous amount and I know that they arent suppose to be big shedders?

pat.brandt said...

Great dog pics! I found your blog while searching for information on the card game Preference. I am an Osage County native and am amazed at how popular the game is here, but nowhere else. I am also amazed at how many folks seem to have ties to Osage County. I went to the Frankenstein Fall supper this past weekend and was happy that some things do not change. Anyway, nice to read some of your blog. Thanks for taking the time.

ZEN GRAY said...

Love all the pics and video of Rufus and Cooper! We have a shelter puppy and we just figured out that she's a Ridgeback/Shepherd mix. She looks like Rufus except she has a black tail and wavy hair on her back instead of the ridge.

Thanks for putting up some great shots!

Kevin Howard said...


I stumbled across your blog when searching for my own videos of our dog Rufus, who is also a RR!

I thought it was pretty amazing to find another RR called Rufus, but a Google search suggests they are becoming quite common.

You can see our Rufus here

and here