Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Battle for the Bed

Kelly recently discovered that one way to keep the dogs off the couch when we weren't in the room was to make their beds even more comfortable.  She did this by piling a second dog bed on top of the first.

This was an immediate hit.  However, it turned out to be a hit with both the dogs and the cats, and a bit of a power struggle ensued over who would get to lay on them.  Unfortunately for Nikita, the reality of pet politics is that size does matter...

Fortunately, Nikita has discovered that Cooper puts off a lot of heat, and that sharing a dog bed with him is not the worst thing..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cooper and Rufus visit Aunt Tammy and Uncle Mike

Cooper and Rufus recently went with us for a visit to my cousin Tammy and her husband Mike who live near us in Kindsbach, Germany.


Cooper took an immediate liking to Mike (who used to be owned by a Great Dane himself).

2008-10-26 Visiting Tammy and Mike 005

Rufus seemed a bit forlorn that Cooper was getting all the attention (again), so Kelly pulled him onto her lap for some lovin'.

2008-10-26 Visiting Tammy and Mike 002

This thrilled him...

When it came time to go, Cooper felt compelled to give Mike a big hug, and extracted a promise that Mike and Tammy would come and visit us in Luxembourg soon with their two children.

2008-10-26 Visiting Tammy and Mike 007   

All the excitement of the trip resulted in two VERY tired puppies.

2008-10-26 Visiting Tammy and Mike 009