Monday, May 19, 2008

RuedeBuhr Road Rage - Day Four

image After having drinks with friends at Pump Jack in Squaw Valley the night before, we elected to sleep in the Squaw parking lot instead of driving all the way back down to South Lake Tahoe.  We arose the next morning and drove down to State Line to see April one last time (we also needed to use the WiFi at her office to check email and update this blog). 





The drive around the lake again offered spectacular views, and the day was warm and clear.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 075

We then set out east over the mountains before heading south.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 086

The boys were a bit tuckered out from a hike I took them in on in Squaw Valley before we left, and dozed in the front of the RV.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 088

The temperature in the valley was noticeably warmer than it had been up at the lake, and Cooper took this opportunity to stick his huge head out the window to take in the passing scenery.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 106

Rufus, after some experimentation, figured out that the cool air he was feeling originated from the vents in the dash, and proceeded to hog all the air conditioning.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 118 RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 122

Cooper, on the other hand, figured out that, it he rested his head on top of Rufus's, this enabled him to observe the passing scenery with minimal effort.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 126

About two hours into the drive, we decided to take a detour to check out Bodie, a ghost town along our route.  This involved turning off the main road and driving for around thirteen miles back into the hills. 

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 130

Eventually the hard top ended and we had to drive the remaining three miles on a washboard gravel road. 

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 150

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 148 

Finally, we rounded a corner and caught sight of our destination.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 154

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 158

Unfortunately, we arrived after the park was closed, and there were stern warnings about entering it after hours.  Normally, this would not have deterred us, but we could see park personnel moving about among the buildings, and the notices were clear that we would incur a fine if we got busted. 

Instead, we let the boys out for a romp on the surrounding hillsides.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 185

Finally, the bugs drove us back into the camper, and we turned around and headed back to the main road.  Along the way, Kelly got out of the camper to take pictures of the surrounding countryside.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 198This caused Cooper to become a bit concerned, as the day was wearing on and he likes to see everyone stay together after dark.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 199

It was now getting late in the day, and we were getting close to Mammoth Lakes, our destination for the night.  However, we stopped once more at Mono Lake to take in the sunset and let the boys out to romp one more time.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 214

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 215

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 220   

All our pictures from today can be found here.

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Tatusko Family said...

They are so happy together and are clearly enjoying their trip! Every Ridgeback deserves a long trip in an RV!