Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RuedeBuhr Road Rage - Day Twelve

imageToday was mainly a travel day, so not much to report. After breakfast, Rufus laid down for a nice nap in the cool grass of the yard.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 12 004

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 12 003

Rufus and Cooper then said their goodbye's to Cory.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 12 006RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 12 005

Both boys have expressed an interest in becoming therapy dogs, and this is something we are likely to look into once they are a bit older.

We then loaded up and started the long drive to Santa Fe.

The drive was not that exciting, and Cooper got bored to the point were he even considered having a go at my laptop, despite the fact that he lacks opposable thumbs.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 12 012

We finally arrived in Santa Fe that evening, and prepared the boy's dinner before going out for our own at Cafe Pasqual. Cooper, despite having slept in Harvey the RV most of the day, had quite an appetite.  This became evident as we were preparing his meal.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 12 018 RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 12 022

After dinner, we drove out to the RV park just outside the city, where we were treated to a spectacular starscape, the moon being new and the sky being crystal clear.

All the pictures from today can be found here.


Amber said...

Glad you are online again Rufus and Cooper! Cooper, I just love the picture of you checking out Martin's laptop...wow, you really know how to find a seat anywhere..don't you! Have fun...I hope my Mom and Dad take me on a cool trip like yours someday!


P.S. Rufus, I have some pictures of us playing in a field of wildflowers while your Dad, Martin, was racing....if you would like to see them let me know and I can email them to you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, more dog photos!
Did Martin turn a new leaf?
Nice work, good luck in Europe!

Samantha och Robin said...

Nice blog. Visit our blog it´s about our Ridgeback :P
He is only 4 months now:P

Abz-Chelsea said...

Danes love to slobber :)...they also make good Animal Assisted Therapy dogs... but its a hell of a lot of training from an early age...I hope eventually to get my girl to that point... Id love to travel with my dogs as you did...