Sunday, May 18, 2008

RuedeBuhr Road Rage - Day Three

Kelly and I drove as far as we could yesterday, and ended up overnighting at a rest stop on I-5 north of Sacramento.  We got up early the next morning and drove the rest of the way to Lake Tahoe.


The day was sunny and balmy, and our first view of the lake was breathtaking.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 025

We drove around the south end of the lake, passing Emerald Bay, which was absolutely gorgeous on the sunny spring day.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 032 We stopped at Falling Leaf Lake, Kelly's favorite place in Tahoe.  After parking Harvey the RV, we had a short hike to the shore.  Along the way, Rufus and Cooper made up for fact that they had not been able to "heed the call of nature" for quite some time.  Being good doggy parents, we picked all this up, but it added some significant weight to our load.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 050

Rufus, feeling much lighter, jumped on a fallen log to check the surrounding terrain for bears and lions.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 037  RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 038 RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 040RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 041

Fallen Leaf Lake turned out the be stunning, surrounded by snow covered peaks.  The lake itself was a deep aquamarine.  Kelly and the boys immediately waded in to  cool off (the day having grown warm).

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 078

I waded out onto a large log that had fallen into the lake, and Rufus followed (putting his Agility training to good use).

 RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 054-1RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 055-1

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 056-1RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 058  

Cooper gave some thought to following...

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 063 

...but elected to hunt for sticks instead.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 062

This led to the obligatory game of Swim and Fetch.

Everyone thus cooled off and relaxed, we hiked back to the car through meadows populated with aspens flush with their first spring foliage.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 082 

We then drove up to South Lake Tahoe, where we visited Kelly's long time friend, April.  Cooper, having recharged his batteries with a brief nap, immediately challenged Kelly to a game of tug using a rope belonging to April's dog Sam.

RuedeBuhr Road Rage Day 3 083

Later that evening, we headed up to Squaw Valley to have drinks with Monika  and Michelle, the sister and wife (respectively) of one of my best friends.

All pictures from this day are available here.

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