Sunday, April 09, 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006

Rufus is here!!!

Last Saturday, I brought home Rufus, a nine week old Rhodesian Ridgeback from a breeder in central Washington (Rufus is the one with the blue collar).

Admittedly I'm biased, but Rufus is simply the best puppy on the planet. Quite possibly in the history of puppies, period...

He adapted to life at my place with very little complaining, and required minimal bribary to obtain his devotion and loyalty.

He was housebroken almost immediately, and in the week I've had him, has proven to be extremely trainable. After attending the first session of a Puppy Kindergarten class, I saw how relatively well behaved he is. While the other dogs (three golden retriever puffy balls of questionable intelligence, a yellow lab with a severe attitude problem, and a spastic pointer) where bouncing around and getting into trouble, Rufus impressed everyone with his calm demeanor and good manners. Rufus rocks.

Amazon, where I now work, allows us to bring our pets to the building I work in, and this has been great for Rufus.

He gets to meet a lot of people, and has made a new best (canine) friend in Homer, a wiener dog - chihuahua cross (check out videos of Rufus and Homer at play here, here, and here). Below is the result of one such play session.

Stay tuned for future Rufus updates...

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