Sunday, April 09, 2006

That RR sixth sense

Ridgebacks are legendary for their ability to sense trouble and cope well with it. The story below deals with one of Rufus's littermates (Crissy is his owner, and Betsy is Rufus's breeder)

From: Crissy H
Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2006 10:47 AM
To: Betsy
Subject: interesting story

Hi Betsy,

This is a little story about something that just happened this weekend. Me and Mojo were staying overnight with my friend in California while I had my orthodontist appointment. I was taking Mojo out for one last potty before bed time when a man walked out of one of the apartment buildings across the way. Mojo immediately sat down at my feet, stared at the man and started growling. It was a low and constant growl, probably not even loud enough for the person to hear. I was instantly wary of the person and I let Mojo continue to growl until the person was well out of sight. When we went back into my friends' apartment I told her what happened. It was really strange because he's NEVER growled at anyone before. She asked me which building the man had come out of and what he looked like. He was easy to describe because he was very tall and well over 300 pounds I'm sure. It turns out that my friend knew who I was talking about. She told me that she has seen that man beating his wife in public. He had also busted the back window out of his wife's minivan--while their 2 kids were in it. I am amazed that Mojo had picked up on that so quickly. I hadn't realized that those RR instincts would begin working at only 11 weeks old. Needless to say I was so proud of my puppy, and it makes it worth it taking him everywhere with me to meet people. I just wanted to share this with you because I thought it would make you as proud as it made me. Feel free to share it with other people so they can understand what a treasure these dogs are.

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