Sunday, April 09, 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006 - Pic-less Rufus Update

Well, my digital camera disappeared last week, putting a sever cramp in my blogging... Just a couple of things to report (which would have been oh so much more interesting with images)Rufus saw his vet, Dr. Anderson last week for his final round of shots. Not that his immune system is topped off, its "dog park here we come!" Rufus bore up under the lavish affections of the staff quite well, and did not let his head swell under the influence of Dr. Anderson's high praise for his conformation, intelligence, and character. Everyone loves Rufus...Rufus has new friend - Mosey. Mosey is a one year old bulldog, and as such she is a little brick of muscle. Their wrestling sessions are something to behold... Rufus comes away slathered in slobber, but happy and tired.Rufus and I did Mount Si yesterday - 8 miles round trip and 4,000 of vertical gain. Rufus kept up like a champ and had a great time on the way down. The top 1/4 was covered in snow, and the trail back down was very icy. This phased Rufus not at all, as he too great pleasure in building up a head of speed before slamming on the breaks and sliding. Romping in the snow was also deemed to be highly enjoyable. I just sent off Rufus's registration papers to the American Kennel Society. After taking suggestions from the Yahoo Rhodesian Ridgebacks group, I settled on ARR Suppa Duppa Rufus Doofus. I got the clear impression that this caused severe consternation among some in the group (whose dogs are probably named Sir Regal Stawart of African Nobility or some such nonsense). I can't wait to show him just to hear the announcer read his full name over the PA system...

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