Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yvonne and Steffan Bergenheim were nice enough to invite me over to their place this Sunday to meet their three RRs. When I arrived, I found that they had company!

Marykay and Frank Ligocki had brought over several dogs (I honestly lost track of how many), and seening a pack of Ridgebacks flowing around the Bergenheim's two acre fenced yard was breathtaking.

After a bit, we brought Rufus inside to meet the humans, and as usual, he made himself right at home, helping himself to toys and the nearest sleeping mat.

After a bit, Yvonne let her dogs in one at a time to meet Rufus, and everyone got along famously.

Yvonne's female was even kind enough to entertain Rufus in a game of "chase me around the dinner room table", although Rufus was not all that patient when she decided she wanted a rest...


Just got this email from Yvonne. Apparently Rufus was not as well behaved as I thought...

From: bergenheims
To: Martin Buhr
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2006 11:47:23 AM
Subject: sneaky little Rufus


Got a good giggle this morning when I went upstairs to our gym-media room. A perfect little puppy poop pile on top of the cowhide rug. (And there's no damage whatsoever.) So when he ventured upstairs yesterday, he had a purpose. He walked as far away as he could get. (upstairs is L-shaped, the media room is above the garage.)

So if you're wondering about his habits yesterday, and were "missing a stop", this is what happened. Discreet little guy. And thank him for not going on the white carpet !


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