Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 - Rufus visits the Larsons

Gary Larson was kind enough to invite Rufus and over to meet Gusto, Evita, and Juna at his house in Wallingford. Gary is a really into agility and rally obedience, and has a great yard for training.

Rufus played "Chase the Ball" with Juna

He also worked hard at making friends with Evita

Gusto was his typical regal self, but Evita took time to demonstrate why she is ranked as one of the fasted Ridgebacks in the country at Coursing. When she gets going, she moves so fast that is hard to keep the camera on her, but I managed to capture a few videos.

A bit later, Jeanette Ennis and Newton swung by, and good butt sniffing was had by all...

After we moved inside, Rufus made himselve at home...

and this evolved into full blown play (Gary commented that Rufus and Evita were of about the same mental age ;D )

Rufus also bonded with "Unka Gary"...

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